Pricing and Payment’ve seen the apartments; you’ve seen our standard rates…You’re maybe wondering what is included and what’s not included in those rates and if there are any discounts available depending on the specific terms of your request…

Below you have a broad overview of these financial terms and payment options. For specific rates, tailored to suit your needs, please create your own reservation enquiry.

The standard rate includes the complete cost of the apartment, all furnishings and utilities. You do not need to worry about paying bills, resolving maintenance issues, just move-in, relax and enjoy the most comfortable corporate apartments in Bucharest. 

 What’s included in the Accommodation Fee
• Complete furnishings
• Utility charges (water, electricity, gas, as applicable)
• Wireless broadband internet modem
• Cable TV license
• Housekeeping service twice a week ( general cleaning )
• Bed Linen (changed twice a week)
• Towels (changed twice a week)
• Maintenance of the Apartment 
What’s not included in the Accommodation Fee
• Additional housekeeping services, charges for which are available on request.
• Airport & Railway Station transfers, charges for which are available on request
• Loss of / failure to promptly return keys, electronic fobs and car park passes.

Depending on the specific requirements of our clients and the nature of the request, discounts can climb up to 30% or even 35 %. A special package will be offered to the “First Time clients”. Please contact us for your own specific rate.

Payment options
Depending on the contract specifics and on the clients’ request, the payment can be made in one or multiple installments through bank-to-bank transfer or Credit Card. We accept VISA & MasterCard, under a 2% extra commission.

The rent is invoiced on simple, customized invoices and it is calculated on the actual number of days in each month.  
Another important advantage you have as our client is that we are flexible in payment issues. We are aware that our clients, which are mainly big multinational companies, have to get through a complicated internal fund approval procedure before actual payments are done, so we do not pay much attention to the details of payment once the agreement is signed and approved.