Apartament vs. Hotel

Did you get tired of the hotel life?

Don't get us wrong, we love room service and maid service, but after a while, you miss the comfort of home even if you have to prepare your own food, do the dishes and pick up after yourself. You miss a refrigerator stocked with your favorite foods and a comfortable place to sit and work.

When you're delegated in a foreign country for more than a week, it's very nice to have a sense of home.

A long term corporate apartment in Bucharest can offer you extra room, a full kitchen, and a washer and dryer instead of continually sending clothes out for cleaning. And it is especially nice to have an apartment in Bucharest when your relatives visit you during your extended stay.

For longer stays, a corporate apartment can be more economical than a hotel. For most clients the break-even point is 14 days. The greatest difference is seen in group accommodation, when many employees from the same company require long term lodging. After all, as a company, you uproot the lives of your people for more than 30 days to go somewhere else and leave their families. Above that, with a stay greater than 30 days,long term corporate apartments are not subject to hotel taxes which can be up to 25% of the room cost in some cases.

There are four determining factors for choosing a long term corporate apartment over a hotel in Bucharest:

1) Much lower cost
2) Amenities
3) Privacy assured
4) Comfort over a long period
As a cost calculation, a top executive one-bedroom apartment in Bucharest offered by Corporate Apartments Bucharest rents for EUR 65 per night, while a deluxe suite in 5***** Bucharest hotel lists from EUR 250. The standard of quality inside the apartment is the same or even better; the difference is the position and the entrance of the building where the apartment is situated. We think that for a discount of almost 400% you will find this matter suddenly becoming irrelevant.

The last thing we mention is degree of privacy offered with this type of accommodation in Bucharest. Being involved in big business, you always get a lot of publicity and everyone wants to know what you are doing. A hotel life doesn’t help you a lot on this issue, it even makes things worse. Using a long term apartment in Bucharest instead of a hotel can simplify your life, because we have a strong privacy policy over our client’s personal information. If you don’t spread the word about your new home, no one will find out about you. Some of our clients really appreciate this kind of matters.